Astroplanets Screen Saver

Outer Space
Easy Download
Genuine 3-D
Only $9.95
Click here to download !
This Screen Saver is a must for space enthusiasts ! See the planets of the Solar System as they travel through the galaxy - revolving around the Sun as they go!

This is a real 3-D program. It is not like some others which have 2-D pictures floating across the screen in a jerky motion.

Upon puchase, you will be sent a license code via e-mail which you enter and your screensaver will be converted to the full-version

Needless to say, there is no "spy-ware" or "ad-ware" within it.

See the screen shots below. Of course these are still pictures taken from a continuously moving scene.

Click the download link to the left to download your copy!

Windows 98/Me/XP/ or higher
Graphics card (OpenGL compatible)
256 MB RAM

Screen Captures





  Copyright © 2007 David R. Veatch - All rights reserved.

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